7 Signs It’s Time to Renovate Your Business Office

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Posted on April 24, 2017

The look of your business says a lot about your corporate identity and long-term goals. If you are looking into renovation tips, there can be any number of things taking place with your company:

Have you been in business for a while and are thriving to the point of high office traffic and employee growth?

Have you recently moved into a new space and need to add your company’s special touch to make it your corporate home?

Have you “made it work” for a while and it’s just time for some changes?


Whatever the case may be, we are glad you are here to check out Bryan Construction and the top signs we have seen which prompt commercial business owners to evaluate renovation options:

  1. You have no storage space. So you have desks in what used to be your storage closets? This is a good problem to have! An overly congested workspace shows you have a growing workforce. Understandably, this causes additional issues because either you are now paying for container storage or every corner in the office has boxes stacked to the ceiling.


  1. You always visit your customers. Not only have you turned your conference room into desk space, but your office is an embarrassing vision straight out of the early 90’s. When customers visit your office, it should be your goal to sit them in a space which speaks to your identity and, without your sales pitch, shows them why they want to be affiliated with you. Your sales force may be spending a lot of unnecessary travel time visiting them to make the same sales pitch. Only this time, the pitch is twenty times harder to make because they have to attempt to put the picture and story into that client’s head; which could already be naturally embedded if they had been sitting in your strategically renovated office. Not to mention your employees have no collaboration space.


  1. Work flow has become congested. This is usually the sign that prompts change because, in many cases, this means profit is being lost somewhere or product security issues have risen. Work flow congestion could also be a result of technology issues as discussed in sign #7.


  1. Employees leave for lunch every day. They may just want to get a fresh scene at lunch. But most likely the breakroom is not a comfortable space for them to peacefully have their lunch or read a book. Part of an employee’s job satisfaction is feeling confident and comfortable in the space they spend 9 hours a day in. Feeling proud of their workspace leads to higher productivity, communication, and positive collaboration.


  1. New paint and carpet can only go so far. The biggest mistake business owners tend to make is leaving renovations to a small committee of crafty employees. I think there is a saying about putting paint on pig? The same principle applies to quality office renovations. If you are going to invest the time, funds, and energy: it will take you farther to do it right the first time.


  1. High utility expenses. For many businesses, their top two expenses are payroll and utilities. Today’s commercial renovation materials and techniques are amazing. Business owners are seeing dramatic decreases in utility expenses thanks to sustainable designs in lighting, heating/cooling, and water consumption. These newer spaces need less long-term maintenance and can save owners a significant amount over time. Not to mention the tax and utility credits may be available for these upgrades.


  1. Technology, technology, technology. It’s here folks and it will continue to be a large investment and an intricate part of business operations. Sometimes it can be mind-blowing how fast technology emerges. Here at Bryan Construction, we continuously innovate our systems designs to stay ahead of the curve and ensure what we are installing today will last for at least the next generation. This is why we have priority relationships with the best technology firms.


The good news is it’s FREE to contact Bryan Construction to discuss your options.


Bryan Construction employs highly-experienced professionals who have worked with diverse office spaces and budgets. They can meet you at your office (or you can come to ours!) to discuss your vision, offer feedback, and possibly even give you a tentative idea of a budget.


Our construction team is acquainted with working in a variety of environments and can accommodate special needs such as:

  • noise reduction times
  • working in occupied facilities
  • phased renovations
  • tight renovation schedules


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