Vote For Bryan Construction

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Posted on May 3, 2017


Can Bryan Construction win this award three years in a row? Yes we can! But we will need your support to bring it home again.

We want to garner as many votes as possible, so reminders will be sent out continuously until the deadline of May 19.

How can you help?
• Visit and vote for BCI under the Construction, Design & Engineering section.
• Send the link to your email list, your FB friends, and your LinkedIn contacts.

A few voting directions:
• All ballots must include name, zip code and e-mail address.
• After registration, please confirm your email.
• Ballots with votes in fewer than 25 categories (there are 48 catagories) will not be counted.
• Only one ballot per person.

Did my vote count?
• All votes are tabulated when the ballot closes.
• If you change your mind and want to change your vote, log back in to continue voting at any time!

This will be a real coup for Bryan Construction, so let’s make it happen!