Challenge Accepted! Bryan Takes Wellness to a New Level

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Posted on April 5, 2017

It’s not every day you get to openly talk-trash about the competition, but the friendly trash talking banter is alive and well between Bryan Construction and our Wellness Challenge competition, Navakai.

The first of a several challenges is a steps challenge which runs the month of April.

Sure Navakai has a lot of pretty yogis, treadmills under their desks, and a weekly 5K company run; but while they’re behind their desks, our crews are out in the field walking job sites and our office staff is getting in steps before work, after work, and at lunch. There is no doubt this will be a fight to the end because the will to win the almighty bragging rights is quite strong among both groups.

From the kickoff at Jack Quinn’s, to the victory announcement at the September 6035 Lifestyle Awards luncheon… this is sure to be a fun event for everyone involved. (Especially Bryan Construction since we plan to win!)

Check out the cool article from the Colorado Springs Business Journal which highlights the friendly challenge.