Barracks / Dormitories

University Residential Facilities & Barracks Construction

Bryan Construction executes residential facilities which support and enhance the quality of life of their occupants, whether they’re soldiers or students.

The integration of sustainable-design features and advanced technology are vital in achieving the goal of a facility that supports full-time occupation as well as social activities.

Of course, safety is key at any construction site, but becomes uniquely vital when living spaces are occupied.

During extensive renovations at the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Vandenberg Hall, for example, we conducted our operations with the utmost care, maintaining barricades and proper pathways for the nearly 2,000 cadets who walk through the area every day, and ensuring that mechanical, electrical and life-safety systems remained operational throughout the project.

Our work on the more than 298,000 square feet of occupied space included major interior and exterior demolition, metal-stud framing, drywall, new paint, carpet, ceilings, millwork, and life-safety systems. Building systems were upgraded: Mechanical systems increased efficiencies, a photovoltaic system was added to the roof, and new curtain-wall window systems with high-efficiency blast-resistant glazing were added to the exterior.

Similarly, our renovation of approximately 15,000 square feet of a three-story English-Tudor-style historical building at the University of Northern Colorado safely turned faculty apartments into 20 double and 16 single dorm rooms, along with 20 restrooms. Construction included a completely new mechanical and electrical system, and an extension of the existing utility tunnel.

But Bryan’s residence-hall experience isn’t limited to academic settings. We’re actively involved in this design/build construction of four concrete masonry unit barracks at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, providing housing for 640 military personnel. Supporting facilities include electrical, water, and sewage distribution systems, mechanical systems, information systems, site improvements, roads, drainage, and parking.

Whatever the project, and wherever the setting, Bryan Construction has what it takes to build your next residence-hall project.