Civil / Infrastructure

Federal & Commercial Civil/Infrastructure Construction

As a full-service general contractor, Bryan Construction has gained a sterling reputation for specializing in civil projects for federal and commercial endeavors of all sizes.

We have maintained uncompromising quality and exceeded owners’ expectations while installing hundreds of miles of utilities and infrastructure, thousands of acres of paving, and miles of road.

Though many of our civil and infrastructure projects have taken place at local military installations like Fort Carson and Peterson Air Force Base, our reputation has spread worldwide, to areas as far-flung as Dahla Dam in Afghanistan.

Locally, we continue to serve our military men and women by ensuring basic necessities like lighting, gas, sewer lines, and reliable roads stay up-to-date and well-maintained.

For example, under three contracts, Bryan developed 300 acres into hardstand areas to support the tactical vehicles of a heavy infantry brigade combat team which was relocated from Texas to Fort Carson. Several new organizational storage and maintenance buildings were erected on site, along with all required utilities, information systems, fire-protection and alarm systems, walks and exterior signage. Work included overlot, utility infrastructure, asphalt paving, over 2 million square feet of roller-compacted concrete paving, and site electrical distribution.

At Peterson Air Force Base, we repaired various pavements, roads, aprons, and parking lots throughout the installation, upgraded the electrical power system, removed old lighting bollards, replacing them with new exterior light poles in the same area, and replaced the existing steel gas-line infrastructure with new 4-inch and 6-inch HDPE gas line.