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Bryan Construction is a Colorado based general contractor and construction management company with offices in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Denver, and Turkey. Bryan Construction delivers premier construction throughout Colorado, in neighboring states, and internationally. The following articles detail the various types of projects Bryan Construction has completed as well as additional information about the company. If you have any questions or need additional information please contact us.

Why Should You Choose Bryan Construction

Bryan Construction has been a trusted general contractor in Colorado for over 35 years. Our commitment to the local community has brought many lasting relationships, and creates new ones each year. Today, we are as committed as ever to providing our clien…read more.

Bryan Construction, Inc. has been headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado since 1978. Our headquarters serve as the main hub for managing all domestic and international construction projects. Currently we have ongoing operations in 4 countries and hav…read more.

One of Bryan Construction’s core focuses over the past 35 years has been constructing state-of-the-art manufacturing and industrial facilities throughout Colorado, the United States, and the world. We don’t shy away from difficult or complex manufactu…read more.

Bryan Construction has earned its place as a top military and federal government contractor. The United States government has trusted Bryan on over 70 projects in multiple countries for over 36 years. Our long history of building federal facilities and ma…read more.

Bryan Construction takes pride in being one of Colorado’s premier construction companies and general contractors. Our quality of work is second to none and can be seen in the various types of projects we have completed. Over the years we have earned t…read more.

Design-build is a construction delivery process that contracts a single company to complete both the design and construction phases of the building process. In contrast to the design-bid-build process, which contracts separate companies, the design-build process is…read more.

The design-bid-build construction process is a project delivery process used by many building owners for their construction projects. Also referred to as “hardbid” or the “design-tender traditional method”, this process uses separate companies for the design…read more.