Design-Bid-Build Construction Projects

The design-bid-build construction process is a project delivery process used by many building owners for their construction projects. Also referred to as “hardbid” or the “design-tender traditional method”, this process uses separate companies for the design and construction phases of projects.

As the name implies, design-bid-build construction has three main phases: design, bid, and build. During the design phase, building owners work with architect to determine the building’s design specifications. The architect then produces bid documents that include drawings and technical specifications. Next, these bid documents are made available to the public or distributed in a limited capacity to approved contractors to review, ask questions, and submit their bids to construct the project. These bids are reviewed by the architect and building owner, a winning bid is selected and the project is awarded to a contractor. The contractor then begins construction of the project and completes the project according to the original bid documents and the specifications of their winning bid.

The Advantages to Using the Design-Bid-Build Construction Process

One of the biggest advantages to using the design bid build delivery process for construction projects is by putting a project out to bid, you are ensuring that the open market provides you with competitive bid options. It is in the submitting contractor’s best interest to submit the lowest possible bid price to increase the chances of them winning the bid, therefore you will be sure to get market competitive prices for your project. However, this same advantage can also become a disadvantage as contractors may reduce the quality of their work and products they use in the construction phase to provide the lowest bid. Therefore, the lowest bid is not always selected by the owner, but rather the quality of the contractor’s previous work plays a substantial role in the selection as well.

Another advantage to the process is that by selecting the architect and contractor separately, the architect remains impartial and keeps the best interests of the owner in mind throughout the project. The architect remains engaged throughout the construction phase of the project to verify that the winning contractor is building the project to the design specifications. This provides a certain level of checks and balances that keeps the building owner’s best interests in mind.

The design-bid-build process has been used for many years in the construction industry. However, the design-build construction delivery process has provided an alternative method to construction projects. Both methods, design-bid-build and design-build, are hotly debated in the construction community as to which method is better. It is important to consider both processes for your next project as both have distinct advantages that may benefit your specific project.

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