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One of Bryan Construction’s core focuses over the past 35 years has been constructing state-of-the-art manufacturing and industrial facilities throughout Colorado, the United States, and the world. We don’t shy away from difficult or complex manufacturing and industrial construction projects; we embrace the opportunity to build what others have not while striving to exceed the expectations of the most demanding clients.

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Operating as an industrial building contractor often presents some of the most unique and exciting construction challenges we encounter. From industrial municipal construction projects such as utilities and municipal-services buildings to commercial manufacturing facilities and production centers, Bryan works closely with each and every one of its clients to understand the unique requirements of every industrial construction project. After thorough collaboration with the client, Bryan begins the project plan to meet their requirements and exceed client expectations.

municipal industrial water and services buildingOne of our many successful industrial construction projects was working with the City of Colorado Springs during the remodel and expansion of the existing Fontanero Service Center. This project included a 12,000-square-foot expansion along with a 26,000-square-foot remodel to the existing water services and facilities building. Construction phasing minimized the facility’s downtime, and it remained operational while the renovation and construction work was ongoing. Bryan Construction met the city’s needs while limiting the impact on the existing operations.

The Construction of Manufacturing Facilities Requires Experience & Imagination

Manufacturing projects often require us to stretch our imaginations and develop unique solutions. These production facilities often manufacture specific products, which in turn require specific components to manufacture them. Custom design solutions are often required to contain these components in a building while promoting their safe operation. At Bryan Construction, we have a team of experienced manufacturing construction veterans that have met many previous unique challenges, and look forward to future construction projects that go beyond conventional industrial contractor’s thinking.

industrial manufacturing facility construction projectOne of our biggest manufacturing facility construction projects was the construction of the Bal Seal Manufacturing Facility located in Colorado Springs. This 155,000-square-foot facility was built using precast concrete for the façade with a structural steel roof and commons area. The project included installing an uninterrupted power supply to provide backup power to the facility’s critical manufacturing machines. The project was also Bryan Construction’s first “paperless” project, where all blueprints, emails and change orders were stored as PDFs to save printing costs and reduce waste. This innovative and environmentally conscious thinking presented significant cost savings which were passed on to the client.

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We have over 35 years of experience exceeding our client’s expectations on a wide variety of commercial, industrial, government, and municipal construction projects. We offer general contracting and construction management services for our clients and are well adept at handling the simplest to the most complex construction projects.