Cyber Security & Defense

Cyber Security & Defense Facility Construction


Cyber security has become a popular topic recently as information technology and sensitive data transfer continues to substantially accelerate its growth each year. Financial transactions, trade secrets, and sensitive government information are continuously transmitted on networks around the globe making them susceptible to cyber hacks that aim to steal this data. Recent growth in this industry has increased the need for advanced technology facilities to thwart attacks against commercial, industrial and governmental entities. Bryan Construction has worked with these industries to build secure, technologically advanced structures, and has the experience your team needs to execute a successful project on your next cyber security construction project.

Bryan has worked on various advanced technology government projects at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. Bryan worked with the 544th Intelligence Group whose Information Operations section is responsible for the group’s cyber security to build their Information Operations Support Facility. On this same base, Bryan also built the Rapid Attack, Identification, Detection, and Reporting System – RAIDRS – Space Control Facility, which is a state-of-the-art space control system that detects and reports attacks on both ground and space-based elements of operational space systems and monitors cyber security threats.

Other private and public-sector companies are also dedicating resources to ramping up their cyber security awareness. Bryan constructed the ITT Corporation (Exelis) building in the Patriot Park development. The building achieved LEED Gold certification for sustainable construction which was the first LEED Gold certified building in Colorado Springs. This project included specialized computer and server rooms, a voice-over-data communication network, CRAC unit cooling systems, high-end office and lobby finishes, a physical-fitness area and classified-document storage area.