Parking Structures

Parking Garage & Parking Structure Facility Construction

While perhaps not the most glamorous of buildings, parking structures can be absolutely vital to the success and efficiency of your facility. They are a unique building type that requires knowledge and expertise from your contractor. Bryan Construction has the experience in determining capacity needs while working to ensure the car/space costs are met.

Each must be specially adapted to its environment and purpose.

Some, like the massive, 522,000-square-foot parking garage at Southern Colorado’s Memorial Hospital must be built in amid busy, occupied areas, with special attention paid to noise and dust control.

Similarly, our 130,000-square-foot parking structure for Perkins Dodge rose in the middle of the almost non-stop retail activity. We managed to build the pre-cast concrete parking garage with minimal disruptions to the surrounding businesses, and so impressed the owner that we were called back for expansion work later on.

Bryan Construction is also well-versed in meeting the unique needs of military parking structures, as well. For example, we developed 300 acres at Fort Carson, Colo.,  into hardstand areas to support the tactical vehicles of a heavy infantry brigade combat team that was recently relocated from Texas.

Work included overlot, utility infrastructure, asphalt paving, over 2 million square feet of roller-compacted concrete paving, and site electrical distribution – all specially designed to endure the wear and tear of multi-ton tracked vehicles.

And we’re experts at ensuring that costs stay low. For instance, adjoining defense contractor Scitor’s office is a 428-stall, two-story parking facility. Costs were kept at a minimum by designing grade-accessible entries at both levels, eliminating the need for ramps.

Whatever your parking structure needs, and regardless of whether you’re building on unimproved space or bustling, congested areas, Bryan Construction has the know-how and experience to get it done right, on-time, and in budget.