All Copy Products

Project Description

A $25.2 million design-build project, the new All Copy Products headquarters is a 136,877-square-foot five-story building. All Copy Products has put their trust in Bryan Construction to not only facilitate a solution to merge multiple offices into one, but how to be prepared for the expected company growth. Bryan Construction has hired MOA Architecture to implement a modern design which increases space throughout the building and contributes to employee efficiency, productivity, relaxation, and to a general positive work culture.


Construction includes: three levels of parking with one partially underground, three levels of offices space, large open lobby with monumental stairs that greets visitors and staff as they enter the building, electrochromic glazing that will automatically tint based on the time of day and sun exposure, a 5th floor balcony that overlooks Mile High Stadium, and special event activity spaces for staff.


All Copy


Denver, CO


under construction

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