Collegiate Commons in Buena Vista

Project Description

The Collegiate Commons in Buena Vista is a new (2) building, (48) unit work force housing project.  The scope of work consists of sitework, utilities, exterior improvements, wood framed building, finishes, landscaping and complete mechanical and electrical scope.   The project is being built with close coordination and funding from several different sources and coordination with the Town of Buena Vista on the trading of land with the local school district to locate these buildings.


Getting subcontractors to work in a remote area of Colorado during a busy market was a challenge on the project.  To resolve this Bryan worked in the local community and surrounding areas to attract local business participation.  This ensured available labor force and local community buy-in to the project and a sense of participation.   Bryan worked with the local Town and Economic Development for Chaffee County to spread the word and to get interested and qualified subcontractors on the project.


Bryan has been working on budgets with the ownership group for this project since 2015.  Bryan budgeted this project in an effort to assist the owner in securing the federal funding to build it.  The budgets that were developed in 2015 were the basis of current funding in which the project is being built.  Bryan was able to successfully control the budget and costs in an extremely volatile market to ensure the project loan could close and the project funding was secured.  This was done collectively with working with the owner, design team and the  local community.


October 2017


under construction

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