Harmony Corporate Center

Project Description

This three-story, 150,000-square-foot Class-A office building highlights Bryan Construction’s unrivaled experience in “green” building.


This was a Design/Assist contract for architectural, structural and civil components, and a Design/Build contract for the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems, which meant that Bryan Construction had key input into design, life cycle costs and energy cost savings.


The design and construction of the interior made use of energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment, skylights, and energy-efficient glazing. The exterior of the building has areas designated for bike racks and bike storage, along with open space and seating areas for employees. Sod and non-native plants were minimized to decrease the amount of irrigation needed, and an on-site detention pond that captures all storm runoff is used to create a wet-land and walking area.


Final construction costs resulted in a $131,000 saving, which was returned to the owner.


Harmony Corporate Center tenants have turned to Bryan Construction’s Facility Services Group several times for buildouts and renovations.


Casa Grande Capital Group, LLC.


Fort Collins, CO

Delivery Method




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