Micro Metals

Project Description

Micro Metals, a precision sheet-metal fabrication and machine shop, contacted Bryan Construction to deliver a 17,000-square-foot addition to their existing occupied manufacturing facility. Bryan’s scope included constructing a pre-engineered metal building, adding masonry veneer, and pouring a custom slab on grade with color, nova-mesh and dry-shake hardener.


While we bring our A-game to every project, our innovation is elevated to new heights when we partner with manufacturing facilities as they require a higher degree of precision and systems;  Bryan Construction employee enjoy answering these challenging calls of duty.


For Micro Metals, Bryan Construction coordinated delivery schedules due to limited and restricted areas. Additionally, MEP disruptions were closely coordinated as the facility remained operational during business hours.  Therefore, system shut downs were primarily performed off hours to ensure the facility was not impacted.


Adhering to Bryan Construction’s detailed nature, we installed new bridge crane beams which aligned within a 1/16” tolerance of existing beams to allow for continuous bridge crane use from one building to the next. Due to the soil conditions, we employed spread footing and grade beams. Further work included installing crane rails and beams, overhead coiling doors, new mechanical and electrical systems, new restroom facilities, retaining



Micro Metals, Inc.


Colorado Springs, CO


industrial / manufacturing

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