Pavestone Manufacturing Plant

Project Description

The Pavestone manufacturing plant provides interlocking, colored-concrete exterior pavers for landscaping and hardscaping, both residentially and commercially. Bryan Construction built the facility using a pre-engineered building enclosing 48,000 square feet. A reinforced concrete-masonry-unit wainscot surrounds the perimeter of the building, providing protection from forklift and vehicular traffic. The average eave height was approximately 40 feet; however, the block drying and racking portion of the building required 60 ft. heights.

Precision foundation and anchor-bolt settings were required in order to receive the fully automated, state-of-the-art German manufacturing equipment within the building. Exterior work included the construction of cement-storage silos, pits, elevators and palletized truck-loading conveyors. The storage of the palletized pavers after production required an extremely durable surface, with a traffic rating exceeding H-20. Pavestone’s own pavers were installed in the storage and lay-down areas to provide the durable surface desired.


Pavestone Manufacturing Plant


Fountain, CO

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