Penkhus Select at Powers Auto Park

Project Description

The original project was a ground-up construction of a full-service Volvo/Mazda dealership, complete with service bays, showrooms, and car-wash areas, consisting of 30,000 square feet of pre-cast concrete and ornamental structural steel.

Bryan Construction did such an exemplary job on the original building that we were asked to add a service center and garage – a 9,300 square-foot addition to the existing repair garage with site improvements, and a 3,300 square-foot addition and enclosure of a service write-up drive-through. The addition to the repair garage required the relocation of site utilities (storm sewer and electrical primary) for the pre-cast concrete structure (walls and roof deck). The interior space consisted of concrete floor slabs, HVAC, plumbing and electrical work to accommodate the new, owner-supplied, in-ground vehicle lifts and work stations, as well as the construction of vehicle detail bays and a photo studio. The photo studio included curved walls, and the detail bay included full-height FRP-clad walls. The exterior site improvements included adjustments to the curb and gutter, and replacement of the asphalt adjoining the new building. The addition and enclosure of the service drive-through included the expansion of the existing pre-manufactured metal building and roof, as well as the installation of walls throughout the drive, including those attached to the existing building. The exterior was finished with stucco, and four aluminum overhead sectional doors were added. We also installed new lighting and radiant heat.


Penkhus, LLC


Colorado Springs, CO

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