Vandenberg Hall at the United States Air Force Academy

Project Description

Built in 1958, Vandenberg Hall was the single original dormitory of the U.S. Air Force Academy. Fifty years of heavy use required extensive renovation work on more than 298,000 square feet of space — while the building was occupied.

Bryan Construction’s contract included major interior and exterior demolition, metal-stud framing, drywall, new paint, carpet, ceilings, millwork, and life-safety systems. Building systems were upgraded: Mechanical systems increased efficiencies, a photovoltaic system was added to the roof, and new curtain-wall window systems with high-efficiency blast-resistant glazing were added to the exterior.

With a sterling reputation for project safety, Bryan conducted its operations with the utmost care, maintaining barricades and proper pathways for the nearly 2,000 cadets who came through the area every day, and ensuring that mechanical, electrical and life-safety systems remained operational throughout the project.


U.S. Air Force Academy


Colorado Springs, CO

Delivery Method



barracks / dormitories

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