Renovation / Interiors

Interior Renovations & Facility Remodel Construction

Interior renovations are a different breed of construction. They require experienced supervision and trades who are accustomed to working in occupied facilities and tight timelines. Bryan Construction knows we’re there to improve your work environment without disrupting your daily operations.

Bryan’s Facility Services Group specializes in recreating your space to fit your vision. Our team of dedicated professionals has the experience and attention to detail necessary to complete your project. We provid small-project solutions with the backing and security of a proven construction leader.

We self-perform all carpentry, door-and-hardware, drywall, painting and demolition services, ensuring that costs stay low and that you meet budgetary requirements.

One of our particular specialties is in healthcare renovation. Not only have we performed important cosmetic renovations, but we’ve done extensive remodels to help existing medical facilities accommodate cutting-edge technology.

We also have a keen eye for maintaining historic architecture while bringing older facilities up to contemporary standards which align with ADA standards. At Colorado College, we renovated 2,100 square feet of men’s and women’s dance program locker facilities, practice room, green rooms, offices and storage space.  The work – performed in a campus building which has been placed on the National Register of Historic Buildings – was performed while the building was occupied, and original architecture was kept intact.   The job consisted of the demolition and reconfiguration of the space, and included all-new interior finishes, a complete new mechanical system, and facilities to meet the requirements of the ADA.

Our extensive experience with the military and defense contractors has also given us unmatched expertise in highly secured areas, radio-frequency shielded rooms, and SCIF rooms.

Whether your company requires a small upgrade or a complex, multi-phased Design/Build project, our Facility Services Group will exceed your expectations.