Bryan Power Generation

Bryan Power Generation, LLC (BPG) is a strategically aligned subsidiary of Bryan Construction, Inc. (BCI). Formalized in 2012, BPG adds a highly complementary, unique capability to BCI’s core construction activities, along with being postured as its own stand-alone organization of excellence in the power generation industry.

BPG satisfies a growing and unmet need in the power generation market…the desire for a consolidated level of services typically reserved for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and a greater flexibility in the equipment offerings and business terms and conditions associated with the sale. Coupled with a distinct business line within BCI’s construction projects where clients were eager for value-added alternative solutions to costly OEM power offerings, BPG fills this need by providing full-service, turnkey power project solutions to its own and BCI’s clients.

Bryan Power is positioned to establish a new level of service, support and performance in the new, surplus, and secondary power generation marketplace for many years to come. Offering natural gas and diesel generators, turbines, and cogeneration power plants for sale, BPG will work with you to help define and build a solution to match your power requirement.


Don’t navigate the generator/power market alone! Let BPG bring its industry knowledge and relationships to bear on your behalf, ensuring you get the right solution, at the right price, delivered and installed the right way! As your trusted buyer’s agent, BPG offers the following turnkey services to our clients:

  • Requirements Analysis/Definition
  • Economic and Technical Feasibility Studies
  • Equipment Sourcing
  • Site Prep/Design and Build
  • Equipment Modifications and Upgrades
  • Equipment Inspection/ Testing/Load Bank
  • Installation/Start-Up/Commissioning
  • Air Quality Permitting/Testing


BPG supports projects and works with commercial and industrial industries and applications, including natural gas and diesel generator sets (for emergency, standby, prime, or continuous power uses), peak shaving, cogeneration, combined heat and power (CHP), and power plants. Below is a list of some of the most common industries served:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • IT and Data Centers
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Warehouses/Perishable Items
  • Control Centers
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Financial Institutions
  • Building Safety and Security


When it’s time to divest of your high-value power generation asset(s), partnering with BPG to sell your excess equipment through the BPG equipment marketing program is the smart choice. Our extensive market reach and experience selling in the industry means we’ll find you the right customer to maximize the return on your investment. We can help recover a fair value for your new, surplus, or used generator, turbine, or power plant. As your trusted seller’s agent, Bryan offers the following services:

  • Establishing fair market value and pricing strategies
  • Designing marketing plans for maximum exposure
  • Pursuing, evaluating and qualifying all viable sales leads
  • Managing customer interface through sale close
  • Overseeing logistics to remove/deliver equipment
  • Responsibility for all post-sale support and liability

At BPG, our values underlie every single business process…who we hire, how we communicate, how we manage/lead and who we choose to align with in our strategic business partnerships. Most importantly, our core values create with our clients a shared sense of purpose on how we conduct our business and satisfy their needs. Building authentic and lasting client relationships is always Priority 1 at Bryan Power.