21st Space Wing Mission Support Facility

Project Description

The 21st Mission Support Group makes sure Peterson Air Base runs smoothly and effectively. They pay the bills, make sure the base stays secure, oversee the telephone services, keep the facilities in good condition, keep the records and take care of the well-being of all the people stationed there. This building had to be constructed as one of the most secure facilities on the base.


Here, Bryan Construction added approximately 60,000 square feet of secure offices, classrooms, conference rooms and training rooms to the existing Mission Support Facility.


The building was comprised of over 420 tons of moment-framed structural steel, concrete foundations and slab-on-deck, custom-designed pre-cast concrete panels, block and brick masonry, curved curtain-walls with large pieces of blast glass, metal panels, high-level interior finishes and an extensive combination of force protection and landscaping.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO


cyber security & defense, mission critical / advanced technology, office

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